X-Aviation - a new hobby for Clare and his Friend Clarence Martens.

The "Clare 2 Aircraft Building Project."

This is a chronicle of our progress building Pegazair 100 #203.

Last updated Dec. 26, 2014



Rudder - ready for pre-closing inspection. and rudder and Stabilizer chromated ansd stored away

Stabilizer under construction in basement.

Note the pile of ribs in the corner - These will keep us busy for a while!!!!!!


Progress is being made on the slat mechanisms and wings. (Feb 2006)


And here is Clarence Martens' first prototype welded aluminum fuel tank. NO LEAKS!!!!


Pegazair #203 fuselage being assembled in the Martens' garage. Nov-Dec 2003

Pegazair #203 on it's wheels at Battler C3 (Where Clarence Martens "Sparky" works.) March 2004


And the landing gear takes shape in the jig. We have a set of Cessna 150 wheels and axles which are being pressed into service. This is the left assembly tacked and waiting for final welding, Dec 2003. Also one of the many weld clusters.



Seen from the front with dummy firewall installed.                                    Going home - "first flight" May 2004


And here it is sitting on the Martens' driveway







Looking a bit like a porcupine, the boot cowl has been fitted and work is progressing on the instrument panel .And the header tank has been trial fit.


We've got some really nifty door latches made up too. We have steel framed rather than aluminum doors.

Latch is all Chromoly and lockable. I came up with the concept, and Clarence "Sparky" Martens executed it beautifully!!!


Gord Read and Clarence Martens making  a Slat Jig. Jan 2008


Slat Jig open                                                                                             Flaperon Ribs being fitted


Right Outer Flaperon  going together.


December 2014,The summer of 2 weddings and 2 knee replacements for Clarence Martens are history, and progress is again being made on the plane!!!


The fuselage is cleaned with scotchbrite and painted with Sico pre-catalyzed Urethane rust preventative paint.


Staring to look like an airplane!!! Door and controls pre-fitted -                                                   Floors fitted





Here's Jim Mantyla's Angle of Attack indicator -



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